Way City Church:

Sunday service at 10:30am

Next Steps

Way City Discipleship

We’re all on a spiritual journey. We as Way City believe that the pinnacle of that journey involves God transforming you from the inside out, enabling you to help others find and follow Jesus. We call it “making disciples who make disciples.”

In order to help us reach that phase of our apprenticeship to Jesus, we determined 6 steps that everyone at Way City should take. Each step takes you on the next leg of your spiritual journey, so we’re calling it the “Way City Passport.” The steps are:


You have a relationship built with someone who attends Way City! Your first step is showing up to check out a Life Group and a Sunday Service.


Sign up for a Life Group – they're the best way to learn more about following Jesus in your daily life.


Attend our classes on how to follow Jesus and how to make disciples to learn what's your next steps are as you live for Christ on a daily basis.


Congrats! You're ready to make a public profession of faith! The whole universe is celebrating for you.


You have faith because someone shared it with you. Time to continue the chain. Invite others to attend Life Group with you and then come to a Sunday service.


Finally, become a disciple who makes disciples by signing up to be a Life Group leader. You've been discipled, now it's time to disciple others. We'll train you and connect you with a coach to help you along the way.