Way City Church:

Sunday service at 10:30am



We care about kids! Did you know that most people who come to faith in Jesus do so before the age of 12? Setting a foundation of faith at a young age is so important. Way City wants to partner with parents to help kids develop a strong faith!

Parents: To see what we will be teaching in our classes, download the Parent Cue App in the App Store or Google Play Store. It includes the videos we watched for the week, as well as activities and conversations for you and your kids throughout the week!

Security: We take security very seriously at Way City. We know that no one can focus on God during a worship service if they’re worried about the safety of their child!

All parents/guardians will be required to fill out a registration form for their child upon their first visit. Every adult will be given a “parent tag” with the names of the children they brought as well as a unique code that matches their child’s name tag. Upon checkout, parents will be required to provide that matching parent tag.

6 weeks to 2 years

At this age, kids are developing a sense of trust. Simple things like changing their diapers, feeding them, holding them, and talking kindly to them can teach these little ones to trust others. If they learn that they can trust adults when they’re little, they’ll be able to learn to trust God as they get older. You should expect your kids to be attentively cared for in a safe environment. They will listen to worship music, be played with, and be prayed over by our volunteer team.

3 years to Pre-K

We want to help your child develop wonder about God’s word and God’s creation! Your kids will sing fun songs and watch engaging teachings (viewable on the Parent Cue App) to learn more about the Bible and the love of God. These kids will learn three Big Truths:

  1. God loves you
  2. God made you, and
  3. Jesus wants to be your friend forever!

(For more information on lessons, see Think Orange’s First Look Curriculum)

Kindergarten to 6th Grade

Your student will discover how God interacts with us! The Bible not only has stories about God’s love and creation, but it also teaches us how to live like Jesus in our everyday lives. Your student will play fun games, dance to great songs, and meet with a small group of same-aged peers to talk about our Bible lesson in a way that is both understandable and meaningful. The Big Truths we will teach your children are:

  1. I should treat others the way I want to be treated,
  2. I can praise God no matter what, and
  3. I need to make the wise choice.


Jr High and High School students are invited to be a part of one of our student-aged small groups.


Rather than having a long list of ministries for adults, we invite every adult to be a part of two groups:

  1. A Small Group: Where they can connect with other Way City members, share life and go deep in their discussion of faith, and
  2. A Volunteer Team: We are all joining together to make Way City work. You have God-given gifts, talents and interests that will make you a great fit for something we are already doing.